Comforting & Creative Lasagna Recipes


Sweet plantains stand in for lasagna noodles in this Puerto-Rican style layered dish made with adobo-seasoned ground beef, onion and bell pepper. An egg coating is poured on top before baking

Chicken Chorizo Lasagna

This chicken lasagna scores massive points in the flavor department thanks to the addition of spicy chorizo sausage. It's the perfect contrast of mild and strong flavors

Cajun Shrimp Lasagna

Cajun seasoning and ingredients bring a welcome spicy kick to regular ol' lasagna, and this recipe also substitutes shrimp for ground beef. Layered with five types of cheese

Vegan Tikka Masala Lasagna

It introduces spicy Indian flavor and creaminess to the dish and creates a meat-like mixture out of walnuts and mushrooms. Add to that a cashew- and pumpkin-based "ricotta"

Spinach Lasagna

Swap ground beef for chicken, red sauce for white; add baby spinach leaves and crispy bacon for a mouthwatering creamy chicken florentine version of lasagna.

Mexican Lasagna Enchilada Stack

Transform Mexican enchiladas into lasagna by stacking a mixture of flavorful pork carnitas, corn, black beans, bell pepper and enchilada sauce with fresh tortillas

Seafood Lasagna

You should throw caution to the wind and make this cheesy lasagna with crab, shrimp and scallops because it is utterly delicious, no matter what anyone says.

Asian Short Rib Lasagna

Put an incredibly delicious spin on lasagna by swapping out the noodles for crispy wonton wrappers and layering them with melt-in-your-mouth slow cooker Asian short ribs

Sausage & Meatball Lasagna

Combine two of the greatest Italian comfort foods in one with this pleasing recipe. It calls for cooking up a batch of saucy meatballs, which are then roughly chopped

Pesto Bolognese Lasagna

The ricotta cheese is combined with fresh basil pesto for an extra pop of flavor, and shredded provolone is added to the usual mozzarella/parmesan cheese combo