Cooking Games 

For Girls!

 Due to the abundance of releases in this category, picking the best cooking games cannot be easy.

Cafeteria Nipponica

 the game itself is extremely fun to play. That’s because it does not only focus on cooking. It lets you experience everything that comes with running a restaurant.

Cooking Fever

if you want restaurant management without sacrificing the focus on cooking, then Cooking Fever is just right for you.

Cooking Madness

The game is time-bound, forcing you to stay on your toes the entire time. If that’s not engaging enough, the variety of cuisines you can cook might keep your attention. 

Cooking Mama

there’s ingredient management in the game. Not only do you grow crops on your own, but you also fish and raise animals.

Good Pizza, Great Pizza

In the game, you can work your way up the ranks until you become the shop owner. Once you do, the world becomes your oyster as you expand your new restaurant chain.

Cooking City

In Cooking City, your main objective is to complete food combos with perfect timing. In a sense, it’s all about multitasking or having great time management.