Dangerous Items Lurking in Your Kitchen

Cutting boards are one of the top cross-contaminated items in the kitchen. It's not uncommon for people to begin preparing raw meat on a cutting board, only to forget and pre vegetables

Cutting Boards

Many people give their countertops a good wipe-down at the end of the night. But when you think about all of the things you might place there over the course of the day


Carothers notes that utensils are another common item that is cross-contaminated in the kitchen. If you use utensils to handle raw meat, be sure to wash them or use new utensils


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48 percent of the time [were] contaminating spice containers used while preparing burgers." Be sure to clean your hands before reaching into the spice cabinet

Spice Containers

You need to apply more pressure for a dull knife to cut effectively, but this heightens the risk of it slipping and cutting you. Keep your knives sharpened


When you are getting ready for a cook-out, you might pile a plate or platter high with the foods you plan to grill

Plates and Serving Platters

Appliance handles are another hotbed of germs, and they should be cleaned regularly. "Campylobacter and Salmon, bacteria found in poultry products, have been shown to survive on food

Appliance Handles

Your plastic storage containers may contain phthalates or BPA, both of which can cause dangerous chemicals to leach into your food, particularly if you add hot food

Plastic Storage Containers

It makes sense to keep your phone or tablet close at hand in the kitchen. But our phones have 10 times more germs than a toilet seat


You are just too tired to clear out the sink at the end of the day. But dirty dishes can become a breeding ground for bacteria, and those germs can stick around for hours afterward


Nonstick pots and pans come in handy when it's time to clean up, but unfortunately, the PTFE coating that keeps food from sticking "releases various gases and chemicals

Nonstick Cookware

Raw meat can contaminate just about everything in your kitchen and cause foodborne illness, according to Carothers, affects 48 million people and causes 3,000 deaths annually

Raw Meat

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