Done with dinner: 10 slow-cooker dessert recipes

Ditch the dish and make your next apple crisp—complete with a crumbly topping cooked to perfection—right in your slow cooker.

Apple crisp

Raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, and blackberries all go into this tasty berry cobbler recipe from...Tasty! Aside from the fruit, you’ll just need butter, cornstarch, yellow cake

Berry cobbler

Bread pudding sounds incredibly boring, but it’s actually a delicious dessert that can be customized with caramel or chocolate or any other sweet additions—and made in your slow cooker

Bread pudding

Candied pecans are an irresistible and addicting snack for all occasions from Christmastime to summer camping. They’re going to be irresistible to make once you see how easy they are

Candied pecans

Might want to tuck this one away until fall—or don’t. (We won’t judge.) As long as you can obtain some tasty apples, then it’s always a good time for these caramel treats.

Caramel apples

You can absolutely make regular blondies in the slow cooker, too, but why would you do that when you can have caramel blondies instead?

Caramel blondies

Water baths can be a hassle. Forget that and forgo a pan altogether by bringing your slow cooker into the equation. 


Chocolate chip cookies are a bit tricky in the slow cooker, but chocolate chip cookie bars? That’s easy as pie. (And easier than actually making pie!)

Chocolate chip cookie bars

It’s a big ol’ pot of chocolate into which you can dip anything and everything that you want to make more delicious. 

Chocolate fondue

The love affair between chocolate, peanut butter, and us is still going strong after many years—and our relationship only heated up more when we found out that chocolate

Chocolate peanut butter cake

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