Eat These Foods For a Better Sleep

1. Balsamic vinegar

Research published in the Nutrients Journal suggests that melatonin can help improve sleep efficiency.

2. Pistachio nuts

According to the research from the Nutrients Journal, nuts, and particularly pistachio nuts, contain high levels of melatonin.

3. Almonds

Medical News Today also identified almonds as an excellent source of melatonin. Eating a handful of these nuts each day could make a significant difference to how you sleep at night.

4. Rice

Japanese researchers identified rice as a good source of this sleep-promoting nutrient. Whether you’re cooking a curry or a nicely spiced chili.

5. Strawberries

The subtle taste of strawberries is undeniably enticing. Luckily, these scrumptious fruits have been identified as rich in melatonin by the Nutrients Journal research.

6. Chamomile tea

The research highlights one small heart-related study, in which 12 participants were given the beverage. Shortly after consuming the drink, 10 fell into a deep sleep.

7. Tomatoes

According to the Nutrients Journal research, these fruits are rich in melatonin and could, therefore, help you improve your sleep.There are plenty of ways to add this food into your diet.

8. Peppers

These vegetables are relatively high in melatonin, according to the Nutrients Journal research.That means that including them in your daily eating plan could help you improve your sleep.

9. Kiwis

Research from Columbia University suggests that eating kiwifruit could have a positive effect on a person’s sleep quality.