Eating Habits to Avoid Blood Sugar 

Start your meal with vegetables

One of the best ways to minimize blood sugar spikes is to start each meal with veggies—ideally leafy greens, cucumbers, zucchini, or other non-starchy veggies.

Eat your protein, healthy fats, and then whatever carbs you've plated  The fiber, followed by the fat and protein, helps blunt any blood sugar spike

Pair carbs with fats

It might seem counterintuitive, but eating a serving of fat alongside carbohydrates can do wonders for your blood sugar.

Having a few bites of these protein and fat-rich foods before you eat the carbohydrate portion of your snack will result in less of a blood sugar spike

Sip on more bone broth.

If you want to diversify your meals, you can't go wrong with adding a certain liquid component to your meals. Aside from veggies before the bulk of your meal

Eat a balanced diet

It might seem obvious, but eating a balanced meal can do wonders for your blood sugar. When it comes to dietary prevention of blood sugar spikes, it is best to eat a balanced meal 

Include more fiber in your diet

Getting an extra dose of fiber in your life leads to steady blood sugar levels.95% of Americans  recommended fiber intake 1000 calories or roughly 25 to 38 grams per day

Eat your meals earlier

Eating meals earlier in the day can have a ton of positive health benefits, and anyone who needs to more reason to love eating an early dinner.

 meal schedule consistent

Getting into the habit of being consistent is key for a person that has diabetes, the body reacts based on what was fed in the past

Therefore it is vital that a person remain consistent with times, types of foods, and portion control