One Major Side Effect of Defrosting Meat on the Counter

If you've got some frozen meat that you want to cook up and also have a couple of hours to kill before you want to start the cooking process, it only makes sense

To defrost it by letting it thaw on the counter. That way you're not having to worry about the side effects of defrosting meat

In the microwave or other questionable spots in the kitchen. Instead, it can thaw out naturally by sitting at room temperature for a while.

But there can be serious problems if you are defrosting meat out on the counter for too long at an unsafe temperature because when frozen food is left out for more than two hours

Frozen food is also dangerous when its temperature reaches more than 40 degrees, as that is also when bacteria can rapidly multiply in the food.

While meat is frozen, it will remain safe and the bacteria within it will stay dormant, but as meat begins to thaw the bacteria will start to become active

Experts say to "never" defrost meat on the counter, as it can become dangerous after two hours, or one hour in the warmer summer months because

It's not only meat that can have rapid bacteria growth when defrosting on the counter, it's also dangerous to leave out egg products.

If you're looking to thaw meat on a boiling summer day, or on any day when your kitchen is warmer than 40 degrees Fahrenheit, it might be best to look for another option.

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