Fast-Food Chains Still Using Antibiotics In Their Meat

As of 2020, the burger chain did not have any publicly available policies regarding the use of antibiotics in its beef and pork. In 2018, Consumer Reports included Five Guys

Five Guys

A study ranking U.S. fast-food chains in terms of how progressive their antibiotics policies are. Five Guys received an overall letter grade of "F."

Dairy Queen does, to be fair, have a policy limiting the use of antibiotics in its chicken supply. But as of 2020, the chain did not have a publicly available

Dairy Queen


Antibiotics policy regarding beef and pork. DQ received a failing grade on Consumer Report's most recent Chain Reaction industry survey.

Feed Them Wisely ranks Taco Bell among those fast-food chains with minimal antibiotics policies—not the worst ranking, but not great, either. While the taco chain does have a policy

Taco Bell

limiting the use of antibiotics in its poultry, it still uses antibiotics in its beef and pork. (Use of antibiotics in Taco Bell's beef supply will only see a 25% reduction by 2025

Another massive chain with minimal antibiotics policies, per Feed Them Wisely. Like Taco Bell, Burger King uses limited antibiotics in its chicken

Burger King

But has no publicly available policies regarding its beef and pork supplies. The home of the Whopper received an "F" on Consumer Reports' most recent Chain Reaction survey.

The largest pizza chain in the world has taken steps to reduce antibiotics in its chicken, but does not currently have any policies in place limiting the use of antimicrobials in its beef


A notice shared on the Domino's website outlines a general intention to switch to antibiotic-free beef and pork at some point in the future, but does not specify an exact time frame.

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