Favorite Summer Baking and Kitchen Gear

You can get some good ice cream sandwiches at the store (these are our editors’ favorites), but you can make even more delicious versions yourself

Ice Cream Mold

You can easily swap out the accessories to make your favorite appliance ready for summer. This leafy bowl adds a touch of tropical flair to your kitchen. 

Stand Mixer Bowl

Kids and adults alike will enjoy decorating these summer-themed cookies from Magnolia. Each kit is packed with everything you need

Decorating Kit

When warm weather hits, we all love to be out on the patio—or porch or balcony or poolside—with a cocktail or fresh beverage

Outdoor Drinkware

One of the easiest and most affordable ways to refresh your kitchen for the seasons is to update your dish towels

Seasonal Towels

It is fun to have a seasonal option like this octopus pan. It’s super cute and is perfect for summery treats like this margarita cake.

Octopus Bundt

Taking a refrigerated treat to a friend’s place? Want to keep that dozen eggs cold on your way home from the farmers market

Cooler Tote

Make sure that your pie dish is just as pretty as your bake. We think this ceramic pie plate really fits the bill.

Pretty Plate

Summer is the perfect time to enjoy so many fresh fruits in your baked goods, including fresh cherries. Once you harvest these tart and tiny beauties

Cherry Pitter