Foods To Boost Lymphatic Drainage

Tofu and edamame

Tofu and edamame are made from soybeans, and ½ cup of boiled soybeans offers 9% of your daily value (DV) of potassium, which Hultin recommends nutrient for lymphatic drainage support

High blood sugar levels can get in the way of proper lymphatic drainage too, so focusing on plant-based protein-rich food like tofu, tempeh, and edamame is important


Hydration improves blood flow and circulation to benefit the bloodstream and lymphatic system. "Dehydration can impede lymphatic drainage, so be sure to hydrate with plenty of plain water

Swap your afternoon cup of coffee for tea, instead, and enjoy herbal tea before bed to not only boost lymphatic drainage but also drowsiness for better sleep


This common spice has been shown in some studies to possess anti-inflammatory properties, which could help people with lymphatic drainage problems

The caveat is that according to research, turmeric needs a source of fat with consumption for proper absorption, so add turmeric to olive oils, marinades

Dried apricots

Dried apricots are not only heart-healthy in that they may help reduce blood pressure and protect your heart, but also they're one of the top sources of potassium

Dried apricots taste great in oatmeal and yogurt, trail mixes, marinades for chicken and fish, as well as in salads, on top of leafy greens


"Extra virgin olive oil is known for supporting a healthy cardiovascular system and what's good for blood circulation is good for the lymphatic system, too

Enjoy a handful of olives as a snack or ingredient for dips and spreads or meat, like chicken. Drizzle olive oil or an olive oil-based dressing on greens and veggies

Chia Seeds

"Little powerhouses of fiber, protein, and omega-3 fatty acids, chia seeds benefit and improve the lymphatic system and keep the gut healthy

Omega-3 fats help lower inflammation, while the rich fiber content supports gut health and the immune system

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