Foods to Increase Your Productivity


The caffeine in coffee promotes your body's natural production of dopamine: a chemical that boosts your mood


These antioxidant-packed berries do more than fight off disease, stop belly bloat, and curb your cravings.

Whole Grains

The complex carbs are known for enhancing weight loss goals by providing you with filling fiber you with B vitamins like folate, which boosts blood flow


Popeye was onto something good when he deemed this leafy green his go-to. Your childhood enemy does more than help you build muscle


The perfect snack for when you really need to just sit down and focus. Why's that? These ruby-red berries are filled with fisetin


Seems like when you're contemplating about paying extra, avocado is well worth it. Researchers at Kansas State University discovered more benefits

Sunflower Seeds

You can fight off those terrible feelings of sleepiness and irritability because they're loaded with the amino acid tryptophan


The nutrition powerhouse holds more calcium in a cup than a class of milk, fills you with fiber, and fuels your brain. Rich in manganese


These nuts are filled with brain fuel (healthy fats) which slow the body's digestion of sugar and carbs — keeping your blood sugar levels

Grass-Fed Beef

Healthy levels of iron in their systems score higher on mental tests and completed those tests faster than those without a sufficient amount.

Greek Yogurt

These neurotransmitters help boost your mood and behavior. So the next time the big boss is coming into your office, be sure to have this for breakfast to ensure

Green Tea

The benefits this drink has to offer are endless: Metabolism-boosting, skin soon to be glowing, and fat shredding, the list goes on and on

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