10 Herbs & veggies that you can grow inside


Beets enjoy sunlight, they also dig cool, moist environments—so the extra space in your garage, shed, or cellar is a perfect place to grow.


Growing broccoli indoors is a breeze, with as little as six hours of daily sunlight. As opposed to beets, a broccoli plant can thrive at room temp in just a three-gallon container.


Growing carrots indoors isn’t settling, it’s an improvement! Carrots do best in comfortable temperatures and look best in loose soil—two things that are hard to control when Mother Nature


Chives are chill with six to eight hours of sunlight, six inches of soil, and the amount of humidity provided by a couple of other plants, a small pebble tray, or regular misting.


Cilantro is a cinch with an indoor garden kit or a small pot—preferably an unglazed terra-cotta pot with some drainage holes. Use a mixture of potting soil and sand


Dill does well at room temperature; just make sure your dill gets six hours of vitamin D (a.k.a. sunlight), plenty of fertilizer, and thorough waterings.


You should still wait for the soil to feel dry to the touch before watering, but give it a good drenching each time. You’ll also want to prune the branches for a bushier result!


Fresh lettuce can be a year-round option, even during the winter, as long as it still gets 10-12 hours of sunlight. (Pick a south-facing window for optimal sun exposure.) 


Mint will grow even if you don’t want it to (but you do!) If you can opt for a wider, shallow container for your growth. Then, just put the plant in the sun (pick a west-facing window


You can plant them in deep pots or even start growing them in cups of water to watch the roots expand up close! However, onions like a lot of light