How to Know if Ground Beef is Bad ?

Color, texture, fragrance, and expiry date are all things to consider when purchasing ground beef.

Spoilage bacteria and pathogenic bacteria are two types of bacteria that may harm ground beef. 

People may become sick from eating undercooked or rotten beef. Therefore, handling, storing, and preparing meat correctly is essential to avoid this

Ground beef should be thrown away if it becomes grey or brown on the exterior. It’s starting to go bad if it’s starting to discolor.


Ground beef that is safe to eat should be reasonably firm yet easily break apart when squeezed.


 It’s still best to toss the ground beef if it doesn’t smell foul but shows other indicators of being rotten.


Refrigerated ground beef may be eaten for up to two days after this date. Ground beef should be consumed within four months after being frozenTrusted Source.

Date of expiration

Grounded beef may be kept fresh for longer if handled and stored carefully.

Ground beef should be handled and stored safely, but it should also be cooked properly to kill germs at the proper internal temperature.