How to Tell if Mushrooms are Bad?

The ability to tell if mushrooms are bad is an essential skill in cooking. 

For years, many peoples are taking an interest in cooking and consuming mushrooms. They have low calories and a unique texture and flavor, making them an excellent addition to many dishes.

Fortunately, it’s not that hard to tell whether mushrooms have spoiled. But, in the beginning, you should be aware of what to check. 

There are a few points that indicate mushrooms are not suitable for human consumption

It’s a sign that they’re starting to rot when dark spots appear on them. Keeping an eye on your mushrooms is the best thing you can do while they’re in the fridge.

Wrinkly bad mushrooms are often hard and dehydrated. If you find wrinkly mushrooms, consider throwing them out.

If you are fortunate and find the freshest mushrooms humanly possible, you will be able to use them a few days beyond the two-week mark too

A mushroom is classified as a vegetable since it is a fungus. So it is because they are fat-free, cholesterol-free, and packed with nutrition.

As a result, they are widely consumed worldwide, in a variety of dishes.