How To Use A 

Dumpling Steamer

Hot and spicy desires are a clear sign that winter is here. Soups, dumplings and all things comforting and warm are always on our minds. 

Because the procedure is so time-consuming, it’s best to use a bamboo dumpling steamer instead of cooking dumplings without one.

Step 1:
If the steamer is new, soak it in cold water for five minutes before using it.

Step 2:
Line the basket tiers with leafy greens or parchment paper.

Step 3:
In a pan, place the steamer and either its lid or the pan’s lid over it.

Step 4:
Continue steaming the meal as long as you like.

Step 5:
If you’re going to cook for more than 10 minutes.REMOVE THE STEAMER AND THE FOOD FROM THE HEAT. 

When selecting BPA-free high-quality bamboo, look for broad slats for greater steam flow and tighter hand-woven lids for enhanced steam trapping.

In terms of dimension, two 10-inch-diameter stages are standard and will serve most families for many years with careful upkeep. 

In other words, let your steamer air out for at least two days before storing it, and keep it away from strong aromas like dish soap or a burned base, both of which may soak up odors.