ingredients to your grilled cheeses


Apple pie lovers put cheddar or American slices of cheese on their desserts, why not do the same with a grilled cheese


The cheese, just the warmth of the pan activates something wonderful in avocados that cause them to become one with the sandwich. 


Cheddar tends to rule the day here, but don't sleep on using bacon with pepper jack cheese for a spicy, smoky grilled cheese. 

Bacon jam

Like a lot of foodies, when people give us gifts it's usually something food-centric that we don't always get a lot of use out of – like bacon jam.


Caramelizing onions takes a lot of time and patience, which is why when we make some, we always make a extra to jar for later


Herbs on everything that goes on our plate this time of year. Dill picks up Havarti nicely, and chives are great on everything from provolone to gruyere


Honey goes a long way with a creamy goat cheese or even a funky blue. Something about the extra sweetness and the tang of either cheese


Spicy, pungent kimchi might not be what you expect to find on a grilled cheese sandwich, but once you try it once you'll find yourself becoming a fiend for it


Cheese" tip. Instead of using butter which can scorch if your pan gets too hot, use the old diner trick of using mayonnaise in its place


 Swiss is our grilled cheese of choice when we have some mushrooms to use up, but you can also use almost any semi-soft cheese


Mustard is great with paired with a strong cheddar or a creamy American, especially a nice dijon or country-style whole grain mustard.

Olive tapenade

When it comes to grilled cheese, but shredded it heats up nicely and melds together with olive tapenade for salty and creamy heaven


Either freshly sliced or pickled, jalapenos work well with jack, cheddar and cream cheese for a jalapeno popper styled sandwich

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