Layered dips you can make that will feed the whole team

Asian-inspired Dip

This layered Oriental tip pairs chicken or turkey with carrots, cashews, green onions, ginger, garlic and soy sauce with a sweet and sour sauce

Peanut Butter Dessert Dip

This one is our personal favorite. I mean, how can you beat layers of creamy peanut butter, marshmallow cream, Cool Whip, coconut, chocolate and peanuts

Pizza Dip

If you must use a jarred pizza sauce, Classico is always solid bet. (Or feel free to use a homemade variety!) Be sure to add some peppers and pepperoni on top too

Reuben Dip

This isn’t simply the ingredients to a Reuben thrown into a bowl; it’s much better, thanks to the of addition chili sauce, ketchup and mayo in lieu of traditional Russian dressing.

Seafood Dip

Landlubbers be damned! This seafood dip includes the usual suspects (cream cheese, cheddar, sour cream, mayo, tomato and onion) but also adds shrimp, crab and cocktail sauce to the lineup.

Southern Seven-Layer Dip

As kooky as it sounds, you can actually combine mac & cheese, pulled pork, coleslaw, baked beans, and potato chips in a dip without it tasting gross. In fact, we think 

Tex-Mex Dip

Beans, sour cream, guac, salsa and cheese anchor this seven-layer señorita. Feel free to add some beef for an adventurous eighth layer

Skinny Taco Dip

This one is similar to the Tex-Mex dip above, except it uses slightly healthier ingredients and replaces the usual sour cream/cream cheese layer with nonfat Greek yogurt.

Thai Vegan Dip

Not only does this layered dip contain unique ingredients such as peanut butter sauce, bean sprouts and shredded carrots, but it’s also totally vegan

The Ultimate 47-Layer Dip

The good news? This 47-layer dip is sure to shock your party guests, and you’ll forever go down in history as the 47-layer dip host.

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