McDonald's Worker in Quarter Pounder Patty

Aman claiming to be a McDonald's worker has revealed the one crucial difference between hamburger and quarter pounder patties, in a now viral video.

TikToker @essentialmcdonalds, who regularly shares behind-the-scenes footage coverage all aspects of the fast food giant, recently filmed the boxes both patties come in.

The caption says: "For those that think the quarter pounder are frozen." It's had more than a million views since being posted earlier this month.

He films the first box, which says "10:1 pure beef hamburgers," zooming in on the stamp which says "keep frozen."While he next films "4:1 pure beef hamburger patties," used for the quarter pounders

which for contrast says "keep refrigerated." And he zoomed in on the expiration date, revealing their short shelf-life.In the comment section, the U.S.-based poster revealed what the numbers mean,

: "So 10:1 is one tenth patties so 10 patties to a pound. 4:1 is quarter pound patties so 4 to a pound."While he added: "I've personally thrown away 13 boxes of these at once. They are NEVER frozen."

Their assertion was backed up by some in the comments, with Ginna Dgo writing: "Let me tell you I'm a manager at McDonald's and the quarter pounder beef is not frozen."

Kendra Sauve wrote: "Quarter pounder meat is refrigerated and regular meat is frozen... I'm a manager at a McDonald's."

Caleb J added: "It's the 10:1's that are frozen. The 4:1's are freshly made every time."While BluGriff added: "Their walk-in cooler is connected to the freezer so it looks like it's in the freezer.

I inspected 6 McDs none were frozen!Some people expressed their surprise at the storage,as Roxi Anne Wilson claimed:10 years ago it was all frozen. It's nice to see fresh ingredients being used again