most iconic American sandwiches

lobster roll most anywhere in the states nowadays, but New Englanders will tell you that the blend of fresh lobster, mayo, and a vertically-sliced bun

Lobster Roll

 The name instead of on the giant image on your screen right now, you'd think that Indiana's pork tenderloin sandwich is boring

Pork Tenderloin Sandwich

we're sure Kansas City, Austin, North Carolina, and Memphis will each claim to have the best BBQ pulled pork sandwiches in the nation 

Pulled Pork

It doesn't matter whether you call it a hoagie, a sub, a wedge, a hero, or a grinder, these Italian sandwiches are workhorses for us Americans


McDonalds can do a decent version – simply a chicken breast brined in buttermilk, dredged through seasoned flour and batte

Southern Chicken

Sandwich more American than the Thanksgiving or Pilgrim sandwich – given that it is made from the leftovers of a distinctly American holiday.

Thanksgiving Sandwich

We're not ones to go in for philosophical internet debates, but a hot dog is a sandwich and New York City hot dog from Nathan's is absolutely a sandwich

Hot Dog

Other states will claim to do it better, but if you want a real crab cake sandwich, you'll have to head east to Maryland and the Chesapeake Bay

Crab Cake

The only requirement for creating a Dagwood is making it multi-layered, incredibly tall, and ridiculously over-the-top and gluttonous

The Dagwood

It's a ham and cheese sandwich on French toast, dipped in egg batter and pan fried until deliciously crisp and wonderful

Monte Cristo

Sandwiches made with long-marinated cubes of chicken, veal, venison, or beef cooked on spits over charcoal and served on a soft bun


Peanut butter, banana, and bacon. Who would have thought that those three ingredients could come together to create something so special

The Elvis

The Juicy Lucy, however, is a Minneapolis original – a delicious steamed burger with the cheese on the inside instead of on the outside.

Juicy Lucy