27 January 2022

National chocolate cake day

Why National Chocolate Cake Day?

The Dover post reports the initial birth of the chocolate cake in 1765 when a chocolate manufacturer and a Dr. James Baker produce thick chocolate syrup! 

They placed the extract into moulds giving them a look of cakes! Their purpose was to utilise it to transform it into a beverage for future usage.

In 1847, Eliza Leslie, a prominent Philadelphia cookbook author, published the chocolate cake recipe in The Lady's Receipt Book.

Chocolate is one of those flavors that can complement any flavor or dessert!


Did you know that almost 58% of the people given a choice between vanilla and chocolate, always choose chocolate?


No wonder Chocolate Cake Day is being celebrated! If you love it go treat yourself to the best chocolate cake your hands can lay hands on!


National Chocolate Cake Day: How Do We Celebrate?

Make some chocolaty delight in the oven!

You're infatuated with baking. Do something sweet for your loved ones today and show them how much you care by creating a chocolate cake for them!

Get Creative!

Struggling with creativity? Look up some ideas online to get started!

Donate some!

Share the love and joy of chocolate cake with the less privileged today! You could send a few to the children’s homes and the homeless shelters in your community!

Interesting Facts About National Chocolate Cake Day

One in five almost always choose a chocolate cake for their birthday!

4% of our population eats a cake only if it’s a chocolate cake!

To give the chocolate a silkier and smoother texture, Rodolphe Lindt developed the coaching process in 1879!

The liquid chocolate-centered “Molten Lava Cakes” were a massive hit since the 1990s!

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