Nutritionists Say To Avoid This Drink

There are always going to be some food and drink options that are worse for you than others, and while most of the time you can still integrate them into your diet working towards a healthier body

There are some ingredients that are better left out in the long run. It’s no secret that alcohol and soda offer no real nutritional benefit to your diet, but there’s one other drink

 “The average sugar content of an energy drink is 54 grams, an alarming rate that can cause weight gain and poor digestive health.” 

You may be inclined to overlook the sugar content in favor of the energy levels these drinks can provide, but keep in mind that a crash is nearly inevitable

With these beverages. “You may be improving energy but you will also increase the calories you're taking in and end up with a sugar crash,” warns Best. 

Not only can sugar cause you to crash even harder than before, but it is also one of the primary causes of weight gain, and particularly

If you’re working towards a healthier body you may be standing in your own way by regularly consuming energy drinks.

Energy drinks have become so popular in recent years is their new foray into the fitness industry which has created the dangerous misconception that they’re actually good for your health. 

“The intended purpose of energy drinks is to provide a dense amount of caffeine for the consumer in an attempt to give them an energy boost. Some energy drinks have begun advertising

That they will fuel workouts and add special amino acids for muscle building (BCAA),” explains Best. However, even if they do contain amino acids, they’re likely still packed