BEST Omelet Combinations for Faster Weight Loss

Two Egg Whites + One Whole Egg

"When at home, get rid of some of the yolk to help lower calories and cholesterol by combining 1 whole egg and 2 egg whites says Harris-Pincus.

This is a great omelet combination for weight loss since it cuts back on calories but has more nutrition than you'd find in a traditional egg white omelet.

Egg + Green Peppers + Tomatoes + Cheddar Cheese

Give your omelet a Southwest flair and use add-ins like green peppers, chopped tomatoes, and 1-2 tablespoons of cheddar cheese, 

which keeps calories and saturated fat in check and maximizes fiber and other essential vitamins and minerals to complement protein from the eggs.

"Bring the heat with a Mexican-inspired omelet with jalapeños and tomatoes, as well as onions and a bit of Mexican-blend, shredded cheese

Egg + Jalapeño + Tomato

if you like, for flavor and satiety power," says Harris-Pincus. Jalapeños' kick can help you avoid using condiments or salt. "Plus, spicy foods, like jalapeños, very slightly boost metabolic rate

"Because caramelized onions are so savory, they can help you achieve the flavor you desire while cutting back elsewhere, like with cheese, which reduces

Egg + Caramelized Onion

saturated fat and calories, Eggs have protein, while onions offer fiber and antioxidants. And while caramelization makes it tasty as is, you can sprinkle a little cheese, like goat or feta, on top

This combo is high-protein, flavorful, and rich in anti-inflammatory, omega 3 fatty acids, which are found in salmon. "For an added benefit,

Egg + Smoked Salmon

choose 'omega-3' rich eggs, and use a dollop of plain non-fat,Greek yogurt,which offers protein,calcium and a boost in probiotics for your gut," says Hultin, since good gut health aids in weight loss

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