oral-allergy syndrome foods


The most common springtime allergen, and if you have an allergy, eating an apple could cause your mouth or throat to become itchy


there is one major allergen common to fruits of the Prunoideae subfamily, which includes cherries, apricots that causes wide cross-reactivity.


Cherries are part of the Prunoideae subfamily, so they can cause a reaction to those allergic to birch tree pollen


pears contain a protein that's similar to a protein in birch pollen, people may experience an allergic reaction after eating it.


plums can cause an allergic reaction as those allergic to birch tree pollen. OAS sufferers ate plums they experienced a series of allergic responses


Allergy and Clinical Immunology found a strong link between people allergic to kiwi and those who are sensitive to birch pollen.


Studies have shown that when you eat carrots, you may experience the same symptoms of a birch tree pollen allergy. 


Troublesome for those with seasonal allergies. Multiple studies have established the cross-reaction between birch tree pollen and peanuts


Soybeans can also be problematic for those with a birch tree pollen allergy. the existence of a soybean allergy in patients allergic to birch pollen.


Allergy and Clinical Immunology, almost 33 percent of birch pollen-allergic patients reported being hypersensitive to almond and cherry


People allergic to birch tree pollen should also be wary of hazelnuts. It has a specific protein that can make people simultaneously allergic


cucumber allergy can help reduce their allergy symptoms with immunotherapy for birch pollen extracts.


celery-mugwort-spice syndrome. Additional research has shown that a major birch pollen allergen can also be found in parsley.


There are common allergens in melon and Plantago pollen. Allergy and Asthma Proceedings found that in ragweed pollen-sensitive people


Speaking of melons, honeydew is also no friend to those allergic to ragweed honeydew can trigger throat-related symptoms in people 


The same study above found that watermelon can induce throat-related symptoms in people allergic to ragweed. 

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