Our 10 favorite fair foods of all time

Fried Pickles

Only order the fried pickles if they are in bite-sized chip form. We love pickle spears, but if the breading isn’t perfectly crunchy, the first bite will end up ripping off

Frozen Bananas

You can satisfy your sweet tooth with chocolate, quell your salty cravings with chopped nuts, and pretend you’re eating healthy with the banana. 

Funnel Cake

Fried dough is usually one large piece of dough that has been flattened, while funnel cakes tend to have a unique shape and texture made up of intertwined squiggly lines 

Hamburger on donuts

Burgers. Do they need an explanation or justification? Of course not. Just enjoy the char-broiled goodness... especially if it’s topped with cheese and bacon 

Hot Dogs

If corn dogs are the ultimate fair and summer foods, then hot dogs automatically get in by association. Plus, fairs are known for spicing up the original version by wrapping the dog in bacon

Hush Puppies

You’ll definitely find hush puppies at your local fair if you live in the Southern states or anywhere seafood is popular and abundant. 

Ice Cream

Hot days call for cool treats, and nothing can chill someone out better than an ice cream cone or sundae. 


In our opinion, nachos are one of the trickiest fair foods to eat on the go, mainly because they usually require a stationary table (or lap) and about 10,000 napkins. 


We usually think of popcorn as a movie food, yet that doesn’t stop plenty of fair-goers from digging into buckets of the stuff at every event.

Ribbon Fries

They’re not too thick but not too crunchy, and come out looking like something Willy Wonka would make if he was manning the fryer.