Popular Breakfast For Lowers Inflammation

Eating breakfast can have many benefits such as keeping your brain sharp, helping with joint pain, and even potentially helping you live longer. 

There are also many types of breakfast to choose from, with each food item bringing something different to the table.

Eggs and bacon, smoothies, and even pancakes can help provide various nutrients and health benefits.

If you're struggling with inflammation, or are worried about chronic inflammation, there are ways to prevent or treat it. Some of those methods include

Watching what you eat or eating particular foods to help lower the inflammation. According to a new study done by the Columbia University's Mailman School of Public Health

For this study, researchers evaluated whether dietary fiber intake was associated with a decrease in inflammation in older adults and if the fiber was inversely related to cardiovascular disease.

Data was taken from a Cardiovascular Health Study from 1989 to 1990, where a study group of 4,125 elderly individuals had detailed data on dietary intake

Inflammation, and incidences of CVD. The research confirmed the relationship between dietary fiber and CVD, and also extended the relationship to include the source of the fiber

As well as the association of fiber with multiple inflammatory markers. It also tested to see if there were effects of inflammation in the relationship between dietary fiber and CVD.

A food frequency questionnaire was then given to the former participants enrolled in health study who originally did not have CVD during the beginning of the process

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