10 popular snacks making in your air fryer

Add something new to your usual gameday offerings with calzones that would make Parks and Recreation’s Ben Wyatt smile. That’s right, you can, in fact, make calzones in your air fryer!

Mini Calzones

When dining out, don’t do the math on mozzarella sticks—they end up costing more than $1 per stick! Save your money and skip the oil by making your own mozzies in your air fryer.

Mozzarella Sticks

Eating mushrooms on game day can be a bad idea. The vivid colors on the screen tend to blend together, the sounds are too intense, and you could easily end up cowering in the corner mumbling


No, we’re not just talking about homemade tortilla chips here; you can actually make loaded nachos that are cheesier than a Hallmark holiday movie right in your air fryer. 


Your favorite frozen variety can be prepared in your air fryer in just three minutes at 350 F, or you can opt for this quick-and-easy, from-scratch Vidalia version from Stay Snatched.

Onion Rings

Pigs in a blanket have been our favorite Super Bowl snacks since we were kids. What could be better than mini hot dogs wrapped up and baked in fluffy, flaky dough

Pigs in a Blanket

You may be half in the bag by halftime, but that doesn’t mean you need to resort to stale bagged potato chips. If you have potatoes, a little oil, and a spoonful of salt

Potato Chips

Quesadillas are already easy to make (even Napoleon Dynamite can make them by himself—gosh!) and they’re way simpler in the air fryer. 


We grouped mixed nuts in with pretzels and chips earlier, and that wasn’t entirely fair because nuts are solid sources of fat, fiber, and protein, as well as nutrients like selenium

Roasted Peanuts

Serving shrimp cocktail is just fine, but if you’ve shelled out money for shrimp (see what we did there?) you might as well step up your serving game,


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