The Best Method of 

Reheating Pizza in Air Fryer

It’s quick! Preheating is unnecessary; just place a slice in the air fryer and you’re ready to go!

It’s suitable for any kind of pizza. The choices are unlimited! Thick crust, thin crust, store-bought or handmade — the possibilities are endless!

Using an air fryer is the secret to achieving that perfectly crispy crust at home. If you’re searching for a straightforward method for making homemade pizza, just follow these steps:

Distribute the sauce, cheese, and other toppings equally over the top of the dough, avoiding excessive contact and shielding them from excess moisture during cooking.

Before transferring the frying dish to the air fryer, put on oven mitts or safety gloves.

5 minutes at 300°F or until golden brown with a crispy coating on top.

Allow about 5 minutes for the cooked pizza to cool in the appliance before moving it to a serving dish and slicing it into tiny pieces with a sharp knife.

The procedure for utilizing an air fryer is quite straightforward, which makes it one of our favorite methods for preparing crispy pizzas! 

 if you’ve ever eaten leftover pizza that was either too soggy or too burned, you’re well aware that not all warming techniques are made equal.

When reheating pizza in an air fryer, take care not to overcook it or the crust’s edges may get scorched.


Prepare your dough according to the directions on the package. Once the dough is done, spread it out to a thickness of about 14 inches and set it in the bottom of the baking dish.