Secret Ingredient That Will Change Your Pot Roast Forever

If you like pot roast, you're in luck. The internet houses a virtual trove of recipe variations that cater to the myriad tastes that make our palates unique. Many call for soup mix

Some for ranch dressing mix and pepperoncinis (like this Mississippi pot roast from Belle of the Kitchen),and there's even one suggesting you bathe your roast in a bottle of beer and a shot of whiskey

But we've got an unexpected, at-times polarizing ingredient that we're sure will win over even the most skeptical of diners: ginger snaps.

That's right, the oft-maligned, molasses-laden, spice cookie that many associate with a grandparent's pantry steps into the savory spotlight when it is incorporated into a recipe for tender

Unctuous pot roast. There are plenty of recipes available, but this one from is a great starting point that yields a tasty, perfumed final product.

Admittedly, cookies and hunks of beef don't seem the likeliest of pairings, but take a moment to consider the qualities of pot roast -- its warmth

 Its richness, the cavalcade of spices that pepper the broth. When you think of it like that

Pot roast doesn't seem that far removed from ginger snaps, with their heady dose of molasses and sultry ginger bite.

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