Secretly Increasing Foods Inflammation

Experts warn that the type of coffee you consume in the morning may contribute to ongoing inflammation, so it may be helpful to switch up the way you drink your morning coffee.

Flavored lattes

While coffee itself may offer anti-inflammatory benefits, if you are adding pumps of syrup or spoonfuls of sugar to your cup of Joe, you may be doing more harm than good in the inflammation

According to Manaker, turkey bacon is one of the sneakiest foods that can lead to inflammation if consumed on a frequent basis.

Turkey bacon

Although many people lean on turkey bacon because they think it is a healthier choice, the truth is that it is still considered to be processed meat and can be high in saturated fat

Also on the list of sneaky inflammatory foods is a beloved classic: instant oatmeal. But Manaker warns that quicker does not always mean better.

Flavored instant oatmeal

Sure, oatmeal is a classic good-for-you breakfast that is loaded with healthy fiber, vitamins, and carbs," says Manaker. "But if you are opting for a flavored variety that contains added sugars

The appeal of breakfast pastries like muffins or donuts is that they are not only delicious, but they can contain heavy amounts of ingredients that are known to trigger


Many muffins are loaded with added sugar, saturated fat, and other pro-inflammatory ingredients," says Manaker. "While muffins may sound healthy, depending on how they are made

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