7 Side Effects Drinking Too Many Smoothies

stomach issues

Too much fiber all at once can also be hard for some digestive systems. If this is you, you may want to dial back some of the fiber content of your smoothie."

eating too many calories

One of the mistakes you could be making with your smoothie is by drinking it in addition to a large breakfast. "Adding smoothies to your meals may result in too many calories

stop eating fruits and vegetables in their original form

"This is a disservice for adults and especially children because everyone needs to be exposed to a variety of foods

cause kidney issues

The majority of people don't have to be concerned with this, as these compounds are eliminated in the stool or urine; however, in some sensitive individuals

not feel as satiated

"If smoothies are often used as meal replacements, they may not be as filling as a regular meal," says Jones. "That's because at least part of feeling

full and satisfied comes from chewing food thoroughly. Chewing is an important part of the digestive process and helps produce enzymes to break down food."

"The high Vitamin K content in leafy greens such as spinach and kale can reduce the effects of certain anti-clotting medications,"

interfere with certain medications

People taking blood-thinners do not need to avoid vitamin K, but should still talk to their medical team about how much they should consume."

"You could end up with too many carbs if you use a lot of fruit, juice, and added honey," says Braslow. "This could be a problem for someone

going overboard on carbs

with pre-diabetes, diabetes, or someone desiring weight loss. Instead, balance the fruit sugar with veggies and protein ingredients."

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