Starfrit 12-Piece Cookware Set review

Before we get into the proper review of the rock by starfrit 12-piece cookware set, let’s find out what is so special about the rock by starfrit 12-piece cookware set.

What distinguishes Starfrit The cooking surface of Rock cookware’s pots and pans is undoubtedly distinguished from the competition.

Starfrit employs a unique surface enhancement technique known as Rock to achieve its results. Tec imparts a rough texture to the cooking surface, giving it the appearance of a rock or an orange peel.

The Rock, on the other hand. The Tec technique involves firing microscopic steel pellets on the surface of a pot or skillet to create a scratch.

Yes, the stainless steel handles are safe to use in an oven up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit.

Is It Oven Safe?

The main issue with ceramic nonstick CookwareCookware, specifically with Nonstick Cookware, is durability.

How Durable Are The Rock Frying Pans?


Pots and pans do not get sticky or chipped when appropriately used. This indicates that the food does not adhere to the pot’s or pan’s surface while it is being cooked.

The nonstick coating does not lose its effectiveness over time. Many customers have made bold claims that the nonstick surface has stayed intact even after two years of continuous use.

It seems like Starfrit has done an excellent job in interior design. However, when you reach the bottom of the exterior, things begin to get a bit tangled.


After using it for extended periods, most internet reviewers expressed dissatisfaction with the Cookware’sCookware’s bottom shell.