Stinky Foods That Taste Delicious

This cheese is absolutely notorious for its pungent odor, commonly attributed to smelly feet. This unfortunate attribute comes in its third month of aging.

Limburger Cheese

It might not be the most aesthetically appealing nor the best-smelling Korean condiment out there, but it is spicy, tangy and bursting with complex flavors.


Aside from its prickly exterior and strange-looking yellow flesh, this southeast Asian fruit is even more recognizable by its smell, described as being similar to rotten onions.


They are more like a few weeks to a few months of age, and they are made from soaking eggs in a saline solution.

Century Eggs

This vibrant yellow spice is made of dried latex that comes from the tap root of a special herb cultivated in India.


Touted as THE smelliest food in the world, surströmming is a Swedish specialty that consists of fermented Baltic herring.


If you're a bean fan, you'll likely appreciate natto, a traditional Japanese dish that consists of fermented soybeans. 


By now, we can pretty much declare that when it comes to food, "fermented" probably translates to "stinky" and "strong-flavored."

Stinky Tofu

This Nordic fish dish is in plain terms dried cod that soaks in lye solution for several days in order to rehydrate it. To prepare, it is rinsed under cold water and either boiled or baked.


The extremely salty taste and foul odor can be overwhelming to sensitive palates, it is one of the most versatile cooking ingredients when you want to whip up an exotic dish.

Shrimp Paste

Warm yourself up with toasty drinks