Can We Store Raw Chicken in Fridge For 7 Days?

 While most of us are aware of preserving cooked chicken, we typically do not achieve success when we attempt to preserve raw chicken in the fridge.

Raw chicken is known to include a bacterium called “salmonella,” which may cause food poisoning if not kept or cooked correctly. S

1. has importantly passed its best-before date.

2. The flesh is greyish in color rather than pink.

3. It has a slimy texture.

4. It has a rotting or simply… odd scent about it.

When you cook chicken, poultry items, and meat until they are properly cooked, you destroy bacteria. 

If you’re still not sure, use your senses to determine whether or not the cooked chicken is inedible. 

There are many other indicators that chicken has gone bad.

Many indicators are nasty smells, a slimy texture, and a color change that goes from white or brown to grey, greenish, or moldy.

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