Surprising Oreo facts you didn't know

Oreo is 109 years-old

The parent company of Nabisco and Cadbury – on 6 March 1912. This means it’s a whopping 109 years-old this year.

The cookie wasn’t the first of its kind

The first chocolate sandwich biscuit with a crème filling, called Hydrox, was created by rival company Sunshine Biscuit Company in 1908. 

Oreos were sold by weight

 Oreo’s former archivist, speaking to the New York Times in 1986, the first cookies were sold to a grocer in New Jersey at a total cost of $2.35 for nine

There have been several different names

The brand was retitled one last time in 1974 as ‘Oreo Chocolate Sandwich Cookies’ and it has used this description on packets ever since.

A lemon meringue flavor existed

first released in stores there were two flavors: original and lemon meringue.The chocolate biscuits dominated the market and lemon meringue was dropped in the early 1920

But where does ‘Oreo’ come from?

There’s no official explanation as to how Oreos got their name, there are a few theories. Some say that it came from “or”, meaning gold in French, due to the biscuits’

Oreos in more than 100 countries

The biggest markets are the US, China, the UK, Indonesia, Canada, Mexico, Spain, Argentina, India and Germany. In fact, the US and China alone accounted for 70%

40 billion cookies are produced per year

Yes, you read that right. In fact, if they were stacked on top of each other these 40 billion biscuits would be able to circle the Earth five times.

There’s even a street named after Oreos

A stretch of Ninth Avenue between 15th and 16th streets in New York City, gained its new name in 2002. It's in homage to the fact it’s the site of the former

Half of us eat Oreos the same way

Oreo says that 50% of snackers twist and pull their cookies apart before eating, sometimes without dunking them into milk.

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