Surprising Side Effects of Chickpeas

1. They help with digestion

With a high dose of soluble fiber called raffinose. This helps you to digest your food more slowly since the good kind of bacteria breaks down the raffinose

2. They can help lower cholesterol

 Chickpeas are packed with soluble fiber, it improves our gut health and thus, lowers our cholesterol levels.

3. They may lower your cancer risk

When we consume chickpeas, our bodies produce 'butyrate,' a short-chain fatty acid.This could lower our overall risk for colorectal cancer!

4. They give you stronger bones

Chickpeas are packed with fiber, magnesium, and calcium. These present many wonders for our body, but one of the most significant is building stronger healthier bones.

5. Canned chickpeas should be eaten within a year

 Cans or lids can rust and leak into our's best to store canned goods in a dry, dark place and consume them within one year of purchase

6. Be careful of botulism

Sometimes, when canned foods aren't stored properly, this bacteria can thrive, particularly in low-salt, low-oxygen, and low-sugar solutions, like chickpeas.

7. They're only healthy if you don't overdo it

While they are a source of protein, fiber, iron, and zinc, they can also be turned into various snacks and meals.

8. They may not be gluten-free—even if they say they are.

The reason manufacturers shy away from this language is due to the risk of cross-contamination. Some preserves could be derived from grains