Surprising Side Effects of Giving Up Fast Food

"Withdrawal from junk foods is marked by irritability, mood swings, and cravings. You will have to test your patience to see the positive results

1. You may crave the foods you ditched

Your taste buds &appetite will change because your gut microbes will.Switching out fast food for healthy alternatives can feed your good gut bacteria

2. But your desire for healthy food may increase

fast food intake was significantly associated with coronary heart disease—but cutting those foods now can lower your cardiovascular disease risk.

3. You'll lower your risk of cardiovascular disease

The same 2012 study published in Circulation found that fast food consumption was significantly associated with the development of type 2 diabetes.

4. You'll slash your diabetes risk, too

"Fast food is energy dense and nutrient poor, it lacks the vitamins and minerals needed for cellular function, especially when it comes to brain health

5. You'll lower your Alzheimer's risk

The first step toward ditching those pounds you're trying to lose is easy: giving up fast food. A 2018 study published in the journal of Preventive Medicine

7. You'll likely lose weight

and Hygiene found a significant link between fast food consumption and abdominal obesity. In fact, the danger of consuming fast food—and the associated obesity risk—start young.

"Giving up these foods can help you lose weight, reduce blood sugar levels, and improve mental health—especially if you replace them with anti-inflammatory foods,such as lots of fruits and vegetables