tasty eggless desserts

Thandai chocolate bark

This is a perfect dessert during the holiday season, but this flavor-filled  should be enjoyed all year long. Thandai is an Indian milk-based drink associated with Holi.

Indian rice pudding

This dish is known best as Paal Payasam or kheer. This is particularly enticing because it can easily be done in an Instant Pot with a five-minute preparation

Apple and pistachio mousse

This apple and pistachio mousse recipe takes a bit more commitment than other recipes on this list, but its simplicity makes up for the 70-minute investment

Chilled Thandai Milkshake

This time in the form of homemade thandai masala as the basis for a spiced and chilled milkshake. The beverage texture from almonds, cashews, peppercorns, pistachios.

chocolate coconut ice cream

This chocolate coconut ice cream is dairy-free, eggless, and gluten.  Plenty is packed in four ingredients: coconut milk, coconut chips, cocoa powder, and sugar. 

Wheat Ghee Cookies

Ghee cookies were a staple in our house," writes Cookilicious' Priya Lakshminarayan of this recipe. It came from the bakery nearby.

lemon cream cheese bites

Lemon cream cheese bites only call for cream cheese, lemon extract, and sugar. From start to end, you'll only spend 10 minutes making this dessert.

pista badam biscuits

This Kesar Pista badam biscuits—or saffron cashew almond cookies—recipe is very easy. Are you sensing a theme yet

 banana strawberry bread

Banana strawberry, like the aforementioned chocolate and peanut butter, is an undefeated combination. This banana strawberry bread recipe is dairy-free

Instant coconut ladoos

Coconut ladoos several slides ago version with just 20 minutes spent beginning to end. The ingredients necessary are coconut powder or freshly grated coconut

gulkand ice cream

This no-churn rose gulkand ice cream recipe is a great introduction if you've never had it before. You'll need condensed milk, gulkand, heavy cream, rose extract

Apple khoya kheer

Kheer is Indian pudding. Pair that with khoya, and you have a unique base for this recipe: apple, ghee, mixed nuts, milk, saffron strands, and sugar. 

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