The Best Foods to Eat for Your Heart

1. Leafy greens

 The AHA recommends eating plenty of fruits and vegetables on a daily basis, with an emphasis on leafy greens being one of the most nutrient-dense choices.

2. Peaches and darker fruit

 AHA specifically mentions peaches as one of the more nutrient-dense fruits to consume, although they say any type of fruit and vegetable can be part of heart-healthy diet.

3. Whole grains

 The AHA guidelines state that consuming whole grains on a daily basis, as opposed to only consuming them every now and then, can help lower your risk of cardiovascular disease.


 Another dietary guideline for those focusing on their heart health is to incorporate plenty of plant-based protein into their daily diet.

5.  fish

 Fish and other forms of seafood are an excellent part of a heart-healthy diet, and AHA currently states that eating it at least two times per week can help lower your risk of heart disease.

6.Low-fat or non-fat dairy

 There is still some debate over choosing full-fat dairy products versus non-fat or low-fat. However, despite the present debate, the AHA has concluded that in the long run.


 AHA recommends protein from plant sources instead of meat as much as possible, but if you're craving chicken or poultry you can still consume it in moderation as part of heart-healthy diet.

8.Olive oil and other liquid plant oils 

One major goal in eating a heart-healthy diet is to limit your number of trans and saturated fats, and replace them with unsaturated fat.