The Best Low-FODMAP Foods


vegetables contain one or multiple FODMAPs which is why not all vegetables are created equal for people who are looking to

follow a low-FODMAP diet. However, eating plenty of vegetables is essential for maintaining adequate nutrition and overall health


Other high-FODMAP fruits are high in polyols (sugar alchohols), such as sorbitol. But not all fruits have high levels of FODMAPs.

important to pick and choose fruits carefully so you can maintain adequate nutrition while also eating a diet low in FODMAPs.


dairy products qualify as high-FODMAP. Basically, the lower the lactose content, the more likely a dairy product is likely to make the low-FODMAP cut

that aged cheeses are usually ok to consume on a low-FODMAP diet as they tend to have lower levels of water- soluble lactose.

Protein Sources

 high levels of galacto-oligosaccharideswhich is why so many beans and other legumes qualify as high-FODMAP. Additionally, any protein sources 

In contrast, plain protein sources such as eggs, poultry, or unprocessed meats generally get the green light.

Grains, Breads, Cereals

They contain barley, wheat, or rye. any of these ingredients qualifies as high-FODMAP. That can include a huge variety of foods

There are plenty of delicious breads, cereals, and so on that are made from something other than wheat and other high-FODMAP grains.

Sweeteners and Sweets

Many sweeteners  contain FODMAPs in the form of polyols your sweet tooth to go on a low-FODMAP diet sweeteners are a-okay on the FODMAP scale

Nuts and Seeds

Fats are generally considered "safe" on a low-FODMAP diet, which may explain why many nuts and seeds qualify as low-FODMAP.


 If the beverage contains any high-FODMAP ingredients from the lists above, then it's probably best to steer clear


advance planning and a lot of trial and error. But for folks who are dealing with gastrointestinal issues and under the advisement of a professional