The Worst Tea You Shouldn't Ever Drink

While it's true that most tea is healthy, it's not true that all tea is healthy. In fact, there are some teas that very bad for you. Perhaps so bad that you should consider swearing off them for good

"The worst tea is bubble tea," say The Nutrition Twins. Bubble tea is made from tea, sugar, and milk and contains a special ingredient: tapioca pearls.

"Although the drink contains otherwise healthy tea, the 'bubbles' (or boba) are tapioca pearls which have been steeped in boiling vats of sugary caramelized syrup for hours,

making them into nothing more than fiber-stripped, sugary, calorie-loaded balls of starch," explain the registered dietitians.This process results in an ingredient that is not only unhealthy

as it's almost completely devoid of any nutritional qualities but also immensely caloric: "One-quarter cup serving tapioca balls can typically range from 150-180 calories," the Nutrition Twins say.


Boba isn't the only thing that makes bubble tea the worst tea drink you can have. "Once you add sugary syrups and whole milk to the drink, a 16-ounce bubble tea can contain 400 calories or more

And the problem gets even worse. While there are ways you can identify unhealthy drinks at coffee shops as they list the calories on their menu

Most bubble tea stores don't list calories or a complete ingredient list, which makes it even harder to navigate. Your best bet if you're trying to watch your sugar and calorie

intake is to choose a different type of tea," recommend the Nutrition Twins.Of course, you don't have to swear off bubble tea entirely to live a healthy lifestyle

 one drink alone isn't enough to knock you off track — but bubble tea should absolutely not earn a place in your regular diet.

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