These Are The Worst Foods For Your Heart

Even the lower-fat versions of cured lunch meats contain the preservative sodium nitrate," says Suzanne Fisher, RD, LDN

Processed deli meats

Hot dogs and sausages can be high in saturated fat. Even low-fat options tend to be packed with salt. It’s important to watch your sodium intake

Hot dogs

Same goes for supermarket roasted birds—they often contain far more sodium and saturated fat than your typical home-cooked poultry products

Rotisserie chicken

You might want to shake up your condiment strategy, as many store-bought ones are loaded with added sugar and/or sodium


In related condiment news, it’s best for your heart to steer clear of (or go light on) the sauce at your cookout

Barbecue sauce

Total sodium consumption comes from food we find in packages or eat at restaurants. Another 15 percent is found naturally in ingredients

Table salt

What makes reduced-fat salad dressings a cardiac crime is that they're actually hidden sources of sugar and salt, says Fisher

fat salad dressings

Fat-free packaged foods were once touted as a healthy option for individuals wanting to lose weight and maintain a healthier lifestyle

Fat-free packaged snacks

Seek out an all-natural, full-fat and sugar-free nut butter for a great source of heart healthy monounsaturated fats

Fat-free peanut butter

In another example of “not all fats are bad,” take a second look at the nutrition label of your cold cereal. Does it have more than eight grams 

Sugary cereal

Flavored and sweetened milk substitutes line supermarket shelves, making it difficult to choose the healthiest option

Flavored milk alternatives

More fried food, more problems. Study participants who consumed larger amounts of fried food had higher risk for death from coronary artery disease

Fried chicken

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