10 Things You Never Buy at Grocery Store

Spices and fresh or dried herbs can be super pricey at the grocery store, but you do have options. You can purchase dried herbs and spices in bulk at a warehouse store

Herbs and spices

If you're purchasing Keurig or Nespresso pods, you're better off ordering those from the brand websites, where you can get a discount and other offers.


Don't be fooled by the bottles of cooking wine in the grocery store aisles. They don't taste great, and the cost adds up. You're much better off using an actual bottle of wine

Cooking wine

Minced garlic in a jar isn't exactly expensive, but it is more money than just buying fresh cloves of garlic. It's also not as fresh and comes packed with other ingredients to keep it

Minced garlic

Grabbing a salad for lunch at the grocery store is probably not the best idea for several reasons. You're probably paying close to $10, if not more, for something you could very easily

Premade salads

In the spice aisle, you'll find tons of different seasoning blends: garlic and herb, taco seasoning, cajun seasoning, Italian seasoning — the list can go on forever.

Seasoning blends

Instead, just buy a chunk of meat and cut it yourself. Or, better yet, trick the system by bringing that chunk of meat to the store butcher and asking them to cut it for free.

Cut-up meat

Not only are they going to be more expensive at the grocery store, but there also won't be a ton of options and you probably have to buy them individually rather than in a package.

Food containers

A package of instant oatmeal may seem easier for on-the-go breakfasts, but save yourself a few dollars and buy a large container of instant oatmeal

Packets of instant oatmeal