Top 14 Banana

Banana Bread

This Vegan Banana Bread Is Light And Fluffy. Best Banana Bread. This Recipe Works.

Banana Cake 

Wholemeal And Banana One-bowl Cake Recipe. Banana Cake Made Without Eggs. None Needed.

Banana Smoothie 

This Vegan Smoothie Has Ripe Bananas, Coconut Milk, And Cinnamon Powder.

Pazham pori recipe

Kerala's Banana-based Snack. Easy Banana Fritters. Deep-fried Fritters Made With Maida Or All-purpose Flour.

Banana appam recipe 

 Sweet appams or paniyarams made with ripe bananas, rice flour and jaggery.

Banana Muffins

Easy to prepare eggless and vegan banana muffins made with wholemeal flour. You can use ripe bananas or over ripe bananas to make these muffins.

Mangalore Buns 

Mildly sweet fried bread made with mashed banana, flour and sugar. A specialty of mangalore in karnataka.

Banana Pancake

Banana, Wholemeal Flour, And Jaggery Pancakes. Jaggery May Be Replaced With Raw Sugar Or Maple Syrup. Healthy Vegan Pancakes.

Banana Shake 

Delicious Banana And Coconut Milk Smoothie. Regular Milk May Replace Coconut Milk.

Banana Sheera

A sweet dessert made with rava and bananas. Often made as prasad during ganesh puja or satyanarayan puja or devi puja or for any auspicious occasion.

Banana Mousse

Easy And A Quick ‘no Cook’ Dessert Recipe Of Banana Mousse.

Chocolate Chip

This is a simple no fuss eggless, vegan baking recipe of making a quick sweet bread and that too with whole wheat flour

Figs Smoothie

This delicious and healthy smoothie is made with fresh figs, banana and coconut milk.

Strawberry Smoothie

A creamy delicious smoothie full on with the flavors and taste of strawberries. To thicken the smoothie I have added one banana in the smoothie.

Anne Burrell's Meatball Recipe

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