10 Unexpected Items Don't Need Refrigerated

If you love ketchup enough to use it up quickly, you can leave it on the counter. For long-term storage, keep ketchup in the fridge and bring it out before you're ready to eat your burger.


The cold, dry air of the fridge can toughen the texture of delicate mozzarella and dull its flavor, so eat it fresh.

Fresh mozzarella cheese

Henhouses don't have refrigerators. It's fine to keep farm-fresh eggs at room temperature as long as they're used within a week or two. Supermarket eggs should be refrigerated. 


If you love buttered toast as part of your breakfast routine, the USDA says it's fine to leave butter out overnight so it will be soft enough to spread the following morning. 


Tomatoes stored in cold temperatures, like that of a refrigerator, stop ripening and the flesh becomes grainy and unappealing.


If you're making this fresh tomato-and-onion salsa, do it at the last minute for ultimate freshness. Chilling the mixture can make it watery and not as flavorful.

Pico de gallo

If your peaches and nectarines are still hard as a rock when you bring them home from the market, give them a few days on the counter and they'll ripen beautifully.

Stone fruits

Storing mayo in the refrigerator helps extend its shelf life and wards off potential contamination from utensils, but it will have a deeper,


Although storing chocolate treats in the fridge can help prevent melting in warm weather, you should always bring your chocolates and candies out of the refrigerator


Nutella can stay in the pantry or the cupboard all the time. When refrigerated, the oils can separate and the texture can become chalky.


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