5 Unhealthiest 

Caffeinated Beverages

 Consider five caffeinated drinks that are unhealthy additions to your diet.

Energy drinks are being used in combination with alcohol, too. The high sugar and caffeine content works to mask the effect of the alcohol, so drinkers tend to binge without feeling drunk.

Energy Drink

Speaking of coffee, the cups you buy at your local coffee shop don’t fare much better health-wise.

 Extreme Coffee Shop Coffee

They are often laced with additives like chocolate flavoring that increases the calorie count and sodium content. 

Canned Coffee Drinks

The sugary taste of a soft drink is a powerful draw when you are working a long shift, but the health consequences are ominous.

High-Calorie Soft Drinks

A University of Minnesota study found that people who drink one diet soda a day had a 34 percent higher risk of metabolic syndrome, increasing their chances of heart disease.

Diet Soda

 Harvard suggests up to four cups of black coffee or tea a day are healthy drink options. 

Water is, of course, the best choice because it restores the body fluids and helps balance electrolytes. That rehydration can give you the energy boost you need without the help of caffeine.