Unhealthiest Yogurts for Weight Loss

Yoplait Whips! Sea Salt Caramel

Not even a shrunken 4-ounce serving (1.3 ounces less than your average ) can help decrease the amount of sugar you'll consume when you finish this mousse from Yoplait

Greek Gods Honey Greek Style Yogurt

While Greek yogurt is a popular yogurt of dieters due to its high protein content, we'd hardly say that this option from The Greek Gods has enough of the muscle

Stonyfield Organic Chocolate Underground 0% Fat

This container of yogurt isn't just on our list for having a quarter of your day's worth of added sugar, but also because there's no fat. 

Coyo Mixed Berry Coconut Yogurt Alternative

There is not a single ingredient we take issue with in Coyo's yogurt alternative. It's made with coconut cream, sweetened only with fruit

Dannon Peach Fruit on the Bottom

The only redeeming quality of this high-sugar yogurt is that Dannon enriches it with 10% of your daily value of vitamin D.

Dannon Lowfat Yogurt, Vanilla

So not only does this container have more sugar than Dannon's fruit on the bottom flavor, but it also has more calories.

Yoplait Oui Dairy-Free Yogurt, Strawberry

So not only is this container higher in calories than other yogurts on this list, but it also has 39% of your daily value of saturated fat, no calcium 

Delicious Blueberry Coconutmilk Yogurt Alternative

So Delicious' yogurt alternative is lower in calories and fat compared to Oui, but it is significantly higher in added sugars. 

Yoplait Lactose-Free French Vanilla Yogurt

All yogurt has sugar. That's because there are natural sugars, called lactose, in milk. Because people can have sensitivities or intolerances to lactose

Noosa Apple Cinnamon Yoghurt

With larger container sizes—each tub is 8 ounces, which is double the serving size of some of the other yogurts on this list—you're more likely to polish the entire tub off

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