10 vegan beverages to healthily quench your thirst

Kiwi smoothie

Kiwi is a superfood, high in antioxidants, dietary fiber, and Vitamin C. For that reason, drinking the dairy-free kiwi smoothie is great for cleansing.

Organic energy drink

The ingredients are naturally dairy-free. An abundance of vitamins and nutrients take the place where added sugars are found in typical smoothies, which promote immunity

Sugar-free watermelon juice

It defies logic that a fruit as flavor-packed and sweet as watermelon is actually low in sugar. Toss fresh watermelon chunks, black salt, crushed pepper, into a blender.

Dairy-free Dalgona coffee

Benefits include simplicity. All you need is milk, instant coffee, sugar, and hot water. This drink can be served hot or cold—if cold, add ice cubes to your ingredients.

Cucumber-flavored vegan buttermilk

Cucumbers, a natural source for fiber and hydration, are paired with black salt, chaat masala, cilantro, cumin powder, curry leaves, lemon juice, and soy milk. 

Peach raspberry vegan smoothie

It's smooth sailing. Dump your sliced peaches into a blender with chopped banana, chilled milk—dairy or non-dairy—protein powder, and raspberries.

turmeric and black pepper latte

This dairy-free turmeric and black pepper latte recipe are also caffeine-free; it also proves that improving your bone health and memory

Chickoo banana milkshake

Chickoo teams up with frozen banana, milk—dairy or non-dairy—chocolate powder, and vanilla extract for a punch your taste buds aren't prepared for.

Cherry lemon iced tea

It hardly gets more cliche or refreshing than lemonade on a hot summer day. Eliminate the cliche aspect by switching gears to cherry lemon iced tea. 

Cold cucumber soup shots

It's true—and it works. This cold cucumber soup recipe requires cucumbers, cumin powder, jalapeno, dijon mustard, dill leaves, lemon juice, mint leaves, parsley, and yogurt.