Warm yourself up with toasty drinks


If you like hot chocolate but need more of a jolt in the morning, try a bicerin. This Italian concoction is essentially hot cocoa with a shot of espresso topped with whipped cream.

Cranberry-apple cider

Cranberries are a staple around the holidays, so this cranberry-apple cider from Betty Crocker is both tasty and timely.

Gingerbread latte

Add some holiday cheer to your next latte—and no, we’re not talking about booze. (Well, not this time.) Instead, try a gingerbread latte.


Pronounced “GLUE-vine,” Glühwein is a traditional Christmastime drink in Germany and other German-speaking regions of Europe.

Hot buttered rum

The name might throw off a few folks at first, but if you like rum, butter, and hot drinks, you’ll love this classic cocktail. 

Hot chocolate

Bakers don’t need pre-mixed hot chocolate from little packets. Even wannabe bakers like us probably have all the ingredients on hand right now, as all you need is milk,vanilla extract.

Hot toddy

Studies suggest hot toddies help reduce cold symptoms, but they also hit the spot on chilly days, when the weather is rainy, or when you just need a comforting cocktail. 

Hot vanilla milk

If you’re short on both warmth, ingredients, and time, try this hot vanilla milk recipe from Butter with a Side of Bread. 

Irish coffee

If you’ve ever seen someone (or been that person) who adds whiskey to coffee and calls it an “Irish coffee,” you’re pretty much right!

Masala chai

Tea is a way of life in many countries, including India, where it’s called “chai.” There are numerous varieties of chai based on personal preferences.

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