Weirdest Foods Ever Available In a Can

1. Alligator

We know alligator is consumed down South – and proudly, at that – but even fans of the fare are put off by seeing (and smelling, and tasting) it in cans

2. Brown bread

Cans can absolutely be used to make the bread.but after that, either eat it or freeze it!

3. Cheeseburger

 thanks to a German company called Trekking Mahlzeiten, this product is available, and it’s apparently just as weird, soggy, and processed as you’d think.

4. Rattlesnake

The worst part about eating rattlesnake out of a can is the fact that you’re eating a darn rattlesnake in the first place! The only snakes that belong in cans are the fake

5. Sandwiches

Candwich has the answer for you: canned versions of sandwiches like PBJ, bacon cheddar, and BBQ chicken. Simply pop it open, pop it in your mouth, and start feeling bad about yourself.

6. Scorpions

Surprisingly, more than one company sells canned, dehydrated scorpions, which are apparently quite crunchy and packed with protein.

7. Spam

putting ham in a can is still an eternally puzzling concept... especially when Spam (“spiced ham”) is actually mainly made of pork, with some ham meat added.

8. Whole chicken

Yes, you can literally open a can and pour out an entire chicken. Apparently it doesn’t taste too bad and is handy for soups, stews, and even dumplings.

9. Tongue

Needless to say, cans and tongues don’t mix. We learned that as kids when we tried to lick the sauce out of one-too-many Spaghettios containers.