What Is A 

Sous Chef

This is something that many aspiring cooks are interested in.

Sous chefs work directly under head chefs to assist in a kitchen operation.

They can be seen helping the head chef at higher-end restaurants.

In the head chef’s absence, sous chefs are frequently called upon to step up and lead the kitchen.

They will also be in charge of administrative activities such as stock ordering and billing.

a sous chef is responsible for training a team of more junior cooks to improve their culinary abilities.

After high school, most sous chefs are expected to finish professional culinary training. 

Aspiring sous chefs can begin their careers in restaurants as food preparation workers or entry-level cooks and work their way up with experience

 Apprenticeship programs for prospective sous chefs are also sponsored by professional organizations such as the American Culinary Federation (ACF). 

 several restaurants and more prominent hotels offer professional training to aspiring sous chefs

The primary distinction between an executive chef and a sous chef is vision.

 This is a high-energy, fulfilling career with a lot of room for advancement in many catering and hospitality business sectors.